The Ordination of His Majesty King



Entrance to the King's Wat (Temple) Bangkok, Siam (Thailand)
The King receiving homage from minor officials
The Golden Drums at the head of the procession
The five and seven storied umbrellas immediatley preceeding the King
The King borne in the royal procession through the city, seated on a golden palanquin
His Majesty leaving the pavilion of the European Community
The Wat Phra Keo, where the Kind declared himself the defender of the faith
Wat Phra Keo
All the woodwork inside and out is covered with gold leaf and the walls inside are a glittering mass of colored tiles
His Majesty The King in Procession.
The King arriving at the pavilion on the river front for the water procession
His Majesty embarking on the royal barge
The royal barge of solid gold lacquer and manned by sixty paddles covered with gold leaf, the King enroute to Wat Chang in the water procession
The Great Temple of Wat Chang
Court in the Great Tmeple of Wat Chang
Detail of Wat Chang
Staircase of the Wat Chang
The ground of the Wat Phra Keo, the most beautiful of the temples in Bangkok
Another view of the Wat Phra Keo
Gate to one of the many quaint temples in Bangkok
Scene in the Royal Palace grounds
Review of the 26,000 Siamse tropps of all arms, the King riding aroung the lines
A pair of Royal Masked Players
Group of Royal Masked Playes
Siamese actors
The Wat Chang on the banks of River Chaopraya