The Next Generation

Loy Charter with potato masher, circa 1915
Loy and his little sister Mary. Loy's haircut looks like it was done with a bowl over his head.
Loy's other sisters, all older: Edna, Mabel, Nellie, and Rose.
Bernice holding her first born, Joyce. As an aside, when mother (Dorothy) asked her mother (Bernice) if she would come up to Ventura to help out with her first born, Bernice refused, saying she had already raised her children.
Letter from Joyce Gibson, my aunt.
Written on back: Bernice, Dorothy, Warren, Joyce about 1920-21
Dorothy and Warren in Swing. Dorothy has pulled ribbon down over her eyes-about 18 months.
No description
Nellie Charter, oldest of Loy's sisters
Rose Charter, Loy's favorite sister who bought him a car. He rode the rails to Detroit to pick it up.
One of mother's best friends
Another of mother's best friends
Rose Charter's graduation picture
May 15, 1940 Loy and Dorothy
May 15, 1940 Loy and Dorothy, Bridesmaids, left to right, Betty, Marilyn, Joyce; Groomsmen, George Cooper, Uncle Warren, Chuck Seekins
Honeymooning in Yosemite
Yosemite Village or Lodge in 1940
Loy marveling at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Residence after marriage: Oil Fields, California (near Coalinga in Fresno County)
Mother said she hated it
Uncle Warren and Aunt (mother's brother and sister-in-law)
Sister Joyce pays a visit to Mom and Dad in Oilfields
Joyce, Gordie, Dorothy, maybe Gordie's Packard
Joyce with earth moving equipment
Mother, Dad, Gordie inspecting tractor