Paternal Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, Francis Charter, 1777-1845, Had 3 wives (consecutively) and 24 children
Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather, Joseph Tiiiey, 1831-1915, Shoemaker from Cambridge, England, died in Los Angeles
Joseph Tilley and Grand-daughter Winifred Brison
Materanl Great- Great-Grandmother, Mary Wayman Tilley, 1830-1882, photo circa 1880. From Cambridgeshire, England, married Joseph Tilley in England, 1853. They had 10 children. Died in Los Angeles.
Wayman family home in Cambbridgeshire. Dates back well into the 1600s. It’s the original farmhouse, and then from the mid 1800s, gt.gt. grandfather Samuel started a building firm too, as agriculture was in a depression and he had to diversify. There was originally, and until the 1950’s, a row of cottages at the back of the house, attached on the left hand side as one looks at this picture.
Maternal Great- Great-Grandmother Amanda Gillis, 1826-1886, Following photo is description on back of photo.
I can not figure out who wrote this given their family tree (next photo).
Ananda Gillis
Paternal Great-Grandparents, George and Susan Charter, 1821-1898, and 1822-1907, they had 12 children. Henry Charter, Grandfather, was their 12th. George and Susan are buried in Redwood Falls, Minnesota.
Maternal Great-Grandfather, Byron McMurray, seated center, 1855-1931, born in Petaluma, Sonoma, California and died in Los Angeles.
Materanl Great-Grandmother, Eda Angela Tilley, 1861-1945, wife of Byron McMurry and mother of Bernice McMurray, my Maternal Grandmother. Born in Cambridgeshire, she was about four-years-old when she arrived in America. She married Byron in 1882 in Los Angeles.
Maternal Great-Grandfather, Edward David Gibson, 1853-1935, far right. Born in El Monte, California, died Pasadena, California. Was Sheriff of Los Angeles County 1890-1892. Self-described as miner and promoter. Also pictured in photo, left to right: their son Denzel, Great-Grandmother Alma Jaqua Gibson, and son Gadi. Gadi was struck and killed by a streetcar in adolescence.
Edward performing his duty at a public hanging.
Edward in a courtroom in his official capacity.
Edward, again in a courtroom.
Gibson and Brown Shaft No. 1 in Randsburg on the edge of the Mojave desert. circa 1897. Edward's partnership with Brown in gold prospecting.
Randsburg, where it was said there was too little water and too much whiskey.
Randsburg, once Rand Camp, renamed for town in South Africa, which is actually Randburg.
Written on back: "Grandma [Alma or 'Big Mama'] Gibson" on left in swing. Could be Grandpa [Edward Gibson, sheriff] in door of tent and Den [Denzel]and Gadi sitting on ground"
Maternal Great-Grandmother, Alm Jaqua Gibson, 1868-1954, born in Indiana. Regarded herself as a blue-blood with ties to the Mayflower.
Denzel Gibson, circa 1888.
Denzel Gibson.
Denzel and Gadi
Denzel, Alma, Gadi Gibson
Invitation to Bernice
Written on back: "Mom and Dad, [Denzel and Bernice] Whitey and Hazel".
Denzel and Bernice
Vivian, Bernice, Anna, Ada, Winnie, Cress, Harry, , Den, John at Cress and Anna Tilley's beach cottage.
Vivian, Ada, Anna, Winnie, Bernice
Bernice, __, ___, Anna Tilley, Harry Valentine, Vivian, John Wardlaw, Ada, Den and Winnie
Bernice and Den on E. 28th St. before their marraige,
Bernice Gibson, aka Grandma Gibson
One of serveral post cards to Bernice from Roy, who later married her sister Hazel. Note the Houston Tex 1911 postmark.
Written on back by Bernice: Bill, Byron, Hazel, Cousin Emma, Moma and I at Venice before I was married
Bernice sitting at the bow of the sailboat
Ray, Helen, Den, Bernice, Nell, Lestor. Look at Nell eyeing Ray, mostly unseen in the photo
Helen and Ray, Den and Bernice, Ocean Park circa 1914
Den and Bernice, 25th St. Los Angeles
Bernice, in riding pants?
Written on back: Taken in Old Mexico, sister Edith holding Bill, Hazel on steps, mama Bernice and Papa in back
Taken at smelter outside Aguas Caliente, Hazel, friend, Bernie (this is possibly wrong description as I got some numbering mixed up)
The McMurray Clan
Shown for her Mexican address. Is the postmark '07? I think at is about right.
Bernice at work at the National Ice Company
Bernice with Willie and Byron at the Ostrich Farm
Written on back: Bill with gun, Byron on cotton ranch near Calexico
Written on back: Bernice and Uncle Tom McMurray in Coulterville, California
Rare photo of a younger Grandma Charter; in the living room of her house on Van Nuys Blvd.
Written on back: Papa [Byron] taken Imperial Valley
In Imperial Valley
Taken at smelter outside Aguas Calliente, Hazel, Bernice, friend
Den's father loading loading wagon with cottom
Farming with a team of horses in the Imperial Valley.
Written on back: Edward Gibson and Den with dog, in Baja California